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150 Ft. 16/3 Extension Cord Storage Reel with Stand

By A Mystery Man Writer

The Kord-O-Wynd Heavy-Duty Cord Storage Reel makes storing, using and organizing extension cords fast and simple. Just feed one end of an extension

Manufacturer Base Extension Cable Manager Cord Storage Reel Metal

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With Storage Compartment Hose Reels

The Cordpro 100 ft. 14/3 Cord Organizer is one of the quickest and easiest ways to organize, use and store your cords, small hoses, cables, etc. It unreels as you work, winds up easily and never tangles. It stays on the cord, so it's right there when you need it. The organizer consists of two flexible outer walls, separated by a divider. When you load your cord into this unique organizer, the divider automatically diverts the cord into its appropriate chamber.

Cordpro Cord Organizer (Yellow) CP-100

Buy Woods Extension Cord Holder 150 Ft. Of 16/3 Cord, Yellow

HDX 150 ft. 16/3 Extension Cord Storage Reel with Stand HD-100PDQ

HDX 150 ft. 16/3 Extension Cord Storage Reel HD-130PDQ - The Home

Stainless Steel Hose Reels

Steel Metal and Impact-Resistant Polypropylene Imported 【 Portable Extension Cord Reel Capacity 】 This extension cord storage reel is designed to hold up to 100 feet of 16/3, 14/3, or 75 feet of 12/3 gauge power cord. Ideal for use in homes, backyards, garages, or workshops, this cable storage reel features a sturdy metal carrying handle, enhancing efficiency in daily tasks. Suitable for dry-location use.

Suraielec Extension Cord Reel with 4 Outlets, 15 Amp Circuit Breaker, Sturdy Metal Stand, Holds 100 ft 16/3, 14/3 or 75ft 12/3 Cord, Portable Empty Ha