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Petzl Flow 11.6mm Green

By A Mystery Man Writer

The PETZL FLOW in high-viz green is an 11.6 mm low stretch kernmantel rope is designed for tree care. The small diameter ensures very good performance in terms of flexibility and weight. It has low stretch when loaded, increasing efficiency when moving through the tree. The EverFlex technology guarantees great flexibility and handling over time. It comes with a splice at one end for optimal rope glide through devices like a friction saver or pulley, and through tree branches.

ペツル フロウ11.6 ※アイなし - その他

売れ筋直営店 PETZL ペツル フロウ 11.6mm 45m

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売れ筋直営店 PETZL ペツル フロウ 11.6mm 45m

New for 2020! Petzl Arborist Climbing Rope Flow, Petzl Tree care climbing rope, FLOW 11.6 mm, The Petzl FLOW Arborist Rope is a Flexible and

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