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Sunline Super Fluorocarbon Clear / 8 lb

By A Mystery Man Writer

Super Fluorocarbon is a 100% fluorocarbon line that is made in Japan to Sunline's high manufacturing standards. It is a good choice for a wide range of techniques. It has good abrasion resistance with good knot and tensile strength. It features single resin processing for better handling and abrasion resistance. For a 100% fluorocarbon line, Super is a great value for the price. 100% fluorocarbon, Sunline’s entry level FC product.

Super FC Sniper – SUNLINE America Co., Ltd.

Sunline Super Tornado Fluorocarbon Leader

Super Fluorocarbon – The Hook Up Tackle

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Sunline 63038946 12 lbs Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon Fishing Line, Natural Clear - 1200 yards

Sunline 63038942 8 lbs x 1200 Yard Super Fluorocarbon Sniper Fishing Line, Natural & Clear