Fonkoze Financial Services (Sèvis Finansye Fonkoze (SFF), S.A.) is a Haitian microfinance company with a double bottom line: we aim to lift families and communities out of poverty while operating in a financially self‐sustaining manner.

SFF offers micro and small business loanssavings products, international and domestic money transfer services, currency exchange services, payroll services and more. Our loan products are designed to address the financial needs of our clients, wherever they may be on their journey out of poverty.

SFF & The Fonkoze Family

The Fonkoze Family: Although SFF is its own entity and operates its business as such, it is partner to two “sister” organizations: Fonkoze Foundation and Fonkoze USA. Together, the three separate entities work together to achieve one mission: to empower Haitians – primarily women – with financial and development services to lift their families out of poverty.

SFF Headquaters

Fonkoze Financial Services

119 Avenue Christophe

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

From the US: 1 (800) 293-0308

Haiti: (509) 2816-2050 or dial 505 from any Digicel phone

Leadership Team

Dominique Boyer, Chief Executive Officer

“Welcome to Fonkoze Financial Services, the cornerstone of economic empowerment in Haiti. I am honored to greet you as the CEO of an institution that is passionately committed to our mission of alleviating poverty through providing financial inclusion. At Fonkoze, we believe in the strength and resilience of the Haitian people, and we dedicate ourselves to offering a range of financial services tailored to the unique needs of our community. From microcredit loans and savings accounts to insurance and remittance services, our goal is to foster sustainable growth and enable every individual and entrepreneur to reach their full potential. Join us in this journey of transformation, as we work together to build a brighter, more prosperous future for Haiti.”

Marlise VoltaireZonal Operations Manager (North)

Alexandre HectorZonal Operations Manager (South)

Lissa Petit DeFinance Director

Marie Claire DorcelyHuman Resources Director

Pelex FleremeLegal/Compliance Director

Esther Jean-Paul, Head of Internal Audit

Bernie JeanContact Center Manager

Jean Jackson PlatelIT/MIS Manager

Esthebe CharlesInternal Control Manager

Sèvis Finansye Fonkoze, S.A. Board of Directors

Brian Kearney-Grieve, Chair

Mary Joe SentnerVice Chair

Maurice Chavannes, Secretary

Marilyn Arbuthnott

Damian Blackburn

Dominique Boyer

Florence Dejean

Geneviève Michel

Guy Paraison

Fr. Joseph B. Philippe, CSSp

Steve Wardle


Fonkoze, S.A. Board of Directors

Julian Schroeder, Chair

Guy Paraison, Vice Chair

Deanna Durban, Secretary

Damian Blackburn

Fr. Joseph B. Philippe, CSSp

Steve Wardle