Loan Products

Ti  Kredi:  This  loan  product  offers  women  a  small  initial loan of  HTG  3,000  (approx. $35),  shorter repayment  periods  and  additional  support  from  their  Loan Officer  including  Education  and business skills  training.  Once they  have  finished  paying  off  the first  loan,  they  are  eligible  to graduate  to  Solidarity  Group Credit.


Solidarity: Solidarity Group Credit is SFF’s core program. Groups of five women organize themselves into Solidarity Groups that borrow jointly.


With six-month loans starting between HTG 3,000 (approx. $35) and HTG 6,000 (approx. $75), women can grow within the program until they are borrowing sums as large as HTG 60,000 (approx. $740) for six months. The groups meet twice a month for literacy, business and other educational trainings and to repay loans.


Kredi Endividyel Nan Sant:: Kredi Endividyel nan sant is an individual loan product that is also delivered to women within a credit center. Introduced in 2015, it allows women to take larger, individual loans but still benefit from the support of the community structure provided in the credit center. Many clients graduate to this product from a group loan. We also offer the flexibility for clients with larger businesses to start directly with this product. Six to nine month loans start at HTG 15,000 (approx. $185) and reach up to HTG 100,000 (approx. $1,235).


Business Development & SME: These loans are larger individual loans with terms up to 24-months and are divided into five categories depending on loan amounts starting at HTG 45,000 (approx. $555) and going up to HTG 6,500,000 (approx. $80,245). These loans help clients become part of the formal economy and create jobs in areas where there is limited employment.